Our Commitments


We provide to exporters, importers as well as government and private corporations doing export and import trade world wide with quality products and superior transportation and logistics services.


We provide our online inquiries, bookings, rate request and online communications with customers and partners all over the world using of innovative communication technologies.


We manufacture, buy, sell, handle and transport for customers in agricultural products, fruits, marine, mineral and a full range of products and services in the markets worldwide.


We will transport to all that Kho-Woong will provide best products and reliable services leading to value customers business as our business.


We specialize in the agricultural market as well as other markets around the world and we serve clients as manufacturers of marine products and as suppliers of grocery items globally and locally.


To meet customer’s satisfaction by providing best products and reliable services that will establish a long term relationships through competitive rates and exceptionally good customer service with the greatest help of The Lord.

Concern for public image/nation building

Our aim is to help in the growth of local and international Markets to remain profitable in the industry and ensure that our employees will maximize competence and be well rewarded.

Concern for survival, growth & profitability

We follow and maintain honesty, integrity and transparency while being accountable for our actions and taking full responsibility thereof.